The program broadcasts details and asks for tips about abducted children or missing mentally / physically disabled teens and adults.

 What's important to know

If you have a tip about a victim or suspect, immediately call 911 or the phone number in the alert.

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How it works

In Alberta, the Amber Alert program is based on a voluntary, co-operative partnership between:

Each province has an AMBER Alert program; protocols are in place to ensure they co-ordinate their efforts.

Alert activation

The police only activate an Amber Alert when these criteria are met:

  • police believe that a child has been abducted or a mentally / physically disabled teen or adult is missing
  • there’s reason to believe the victim is in danger of serious harm or death
  • there’s enough information available that – if it’s broadcasted to the public – could help the police safely recover the victim
  • the alert can be broadcasted soon enough to create a reasonable expectation that the victim can be returned or the suspect apprehended

Alert details

A broadcasted Amber Alert may include this information:

  • description of the abducted or missing person
  • description of the suspect
  • vehicles involved
  • what, where, why and how the abduction happened
  • last location of the suspect
  • direction the suspect is travelling

Alert reach

When an Amber Alert is broadcasted by the media, the alert:

  • interrupts all participating radio and TV stations (including satellites)
  • appears on social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – and RSS feeds
  • appears on electronic highway signs
  • notifies the Canada Border Services Agency to prevent the suspect and victim from leaving Canada
  • is sent to Wireless Amber Alerts subscribers