Priority Prolific Offender Program

Law enforcement personnel, courts, and probation officers use up-to-date information to help prosecute and rehabilitate repeat offenders.

 What's important to know

About 10-15% of criminals commit 50-60% of the crime. The Priority Prolific Offender Program designates these criminals as ‘prolific offenders’ to:

  • keep them off the streets
  • help them turn their lives around

How it works

The Priority Prolific Offender Program has these operating principles:

  1. Identify and designate prolific offenders.
  2. Collect, maintain and distribute information about prolific offenders.
  3. Provide Crown prosecutors with complete bail packages to effectively prosecute prolific offenders. 
  4. Track prolific offenders throughout the justice system.
  5. Monitor prolific offenders if they’re in the community.
  6. Recommend tailored courses and counselling to help rehabilitate prolific offenders.
  7. Develop plans to help prolific offenders re-enter the community.

Offender characteristics

Prolific offenders have a history of:

  • frequently committing significant offences – even when they’re out on bail
  • frequently appearing before the courts
  • not complying with their court orders, including failing to appear and breaching conditions
  • behaving in a way that seriously impacts public safety

Prolific offenders are often affected by:

  • addictions
  • mental health issues
  • low self-esteem
  • poor life / job skills
  • a desire for excitement
  • a lack of desire for profit

Learn more

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