Security Services and Investigators Act

Effective June 1, 2010, all individuals, businesses and in-house departments providing the following services in Alberta must be licensed under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA):

            security services                  investigators
            loss prevention                    locksmiths (Locksmith FAQ)          
            executive protection            automotive lock bypass services (ALB FAQ)
            patrol dog services              locksmith apprentices
            alarm responders                locksmith equipment sales
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The Act, regulations and policy establish licensing and reporting requirements, uniform standards, a code of conduct, training programs and a public complaints process for the security, investigation and locksmith industries in Alberta.

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Individual Licences
Business Licences (for both contract businesses & in-house departments)
Training Requirements and Course Providers
Public Complaints 
SSIA Policy Manual
Forms - application and reporting

 News and Announcements

RAN Announcement-UPDATED3/29/2018
RAN Announcement9/11/2017
E-Licence Process Updated November 201611/15/2016
Family Violence Awareness10/19/2016
RCMP Fingerprint Result Delays3/21/2016
Individual Renewal Process - January 20161/7/2016
Approved Regulation Amendments4/13/2015
SSIA News Letter - Specified Penalties - May.31.20135/31/2013


Private Investigators and Security Guards Act Consultation Report
Report recommendations Government MLA Review of th PI and and Security Guards Act
SSIA Proposed Directions Discussion Guide
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