Individual License

Under the Security Services and Investigators Act, individuals working in the security, investigation and locksmith services industry must be licensed.  Working without a licence is an offense under the Act and may result in fines or court appearances.

Applicants for individual licences must meet basic licensing requirements and training qualifications before applying to receive a licence.  Individual licences are issued for 2 year terms and are subject to the terms and conditions of the Act, Regulations and Policy.  Applicants should familiarize themselves with these documents and their rights and responsibilities under the legislation.

Individual licences are portable, meaning the licence remains with the individual when they change jobs and enables the individual licensee to work for more than one company if they choose to do so.  Individual licensees, not their employers, are responsible for applying for, renewing and maintaining their licences.

Questions about licences

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Note: The typical processing time for individual licence applications is 6-8 weeks.

Licence Classes

Under the Security Services and Investigators Act, individuals may be licensed in the following classes.  For a complete description of the services each type of licence may deliver, refer to the definitions.  Determinations about whether licensing applies will be made based on the individual’s job description, not the job title.

  • Security services* worker
  • Investigator
  • Locksmith
  • Automotive lock bypass worker

*Loss Prevention, Security Alarm Responder, Executive Protection, Patrol Dog Handler now fall under Security Services

Individual licensees may apply for more than one licence class.  There are some exceptions listed in the Policy Manual.

Exceptions from Licensing

Individuals regulated under other federal or provincial legislation may be exempt from licensing under the Security Services and Investigators Act.  Refer to section 10 of the Act and Regulation for a complete list of exemptions.

Licensing Requirements

Individuals applying for a licence under the Security Services and Investigators Act must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age (16 if applying for a Locksmith Apprentice Training Licence)
  • A Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Competent and of good character
  • No serious criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted
  • No outstanding criminal charges
  • Not the subject of a criminal investigation
  • Fluent in speaking English.
    • The standard for fluency is the ability to communicate effectively with the public and members of the emergency response system during emergency situations.
  • Successful completion of training requirements (see Training below for more information) for the class(es) of licence being sought
  • Successful completion of baton training if seeking authority to carry a baton

In addition to providing proof of qualifications, applicants will be required to swear an affidavit on the application form attesting to their qualifications.  Swearing a false affidavit will result in suspension or cancellation of a licence.

Application Forms for Individual Licence and Police Information and Criminal Record Checks

The following forms are required for an application for an individual licence.  For information on licensing process, requirements and police information and criminal record check process, click on the link below.

Individual Licence Application/Renewal Form & Guide

Every applicant must undergo a police information and criminal record check at the time of application and every 2 years at the time of licence renewal.  Checks are performed by the police services in the community where an applicant resides.  Contact the police service for hours of operation and fees.

Applicants should report to the police service closest to where they reside, bring 2 pieces of government issued ID (at least one must be photo ID) and a colour passport-size photo (no more than 3 months old).  Request an Employment Police Information Check and provide the photo for signature of a police service representative.  Individuals with police information check findings will be required to undergo further checks by the police service.

Ensure all forms are complete and supporting documents, photo and payment are attached when submitting an application.  Incomplete applications will be returned, resulting in a delay in processing the application.


Individual licences are issued for a 2 year term.  All fees listed below are for a 2 year term.

Investigator $ 160.00
Locksmith $ 160.00
Automotive Lock Bypass Worker and Locksmith Equipment Sales and Promotion Workers $ 100.00

Security services*

(*executive security, loss prevention, patrol dog handlers and alarm responders)

$ 100.00


There are training requirements for several different classes of licensees. Please click here for full information on training.

Training Licences

General training licences may be issued to individuals while they complete Basic Security or Investigator Training.  Training licences are issued once only and are valid for 30 days.  Upon successful completion of training, the training licence is converted into a regular licence.  Applications must be submitted by the applicant’s employer.  Contact the Licensing Department for more information and fees.

Locksmith Apprentice Training Licences may be issued to individuals enrolled in a recognized locksmith apprenticeship program (see Policy Manual for more information).  Applicants must be sponsored by an employer, provide proof of enrolment in the locksmith apprenticeship program and meet all the basic licensing requirements (except training).  These training licences will be issued for the term of the apprenticeship program.  Applications must be submitted by the applicant’s employer/sponsor.