Peace Officers

A Public Security Peace Officer (PSPO) is a person who works to uphold and enforce certain laws and regulations in Alberta.  A PSPO is given limited powers and authority, under the current Alberta Peace Officer Act (May, 2007). They are not to be confused with Police Officers, who have a much wider range of authority.

Currently, there are over 3000 PSPOs in Alberta, working for some 284 different agencies, with Provincial Government offices being the largest employer.  All levels of government, as well as organizations such as public health authorities and post-secondary institutions may employ PSPOs.

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General has overall authority for the Public Security Peace Officer Program, as provided in the Peace Officer Act. A policy manual is available to help employers better understand their roles and responsibilities when applying for authorization and hiring these peace officers. 

 General Program Information:

File a Complaint or Report an Incident:


Bulletin 20-2018 JSG TA Engagement Sessions12/10/2018
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Bulletin 01-2018 Policy Change - Options for Red-Blue Light Systems1/30/2018


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Resolving a Complaint Against a Peace Officer
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