Policing standards

The Police Act describes how the Alberta government ensures that policing across the province effectively keeps our communities safe.

The Law Enforcement and Oversight Branch works with its stakeholders to develop Alberta’s policing standards.

Police service standards

Police services are required to have standards for:

  • organizational management, including planning, financial management and internal audits
  • personnel administration, including recruitment and selection, training, performance evaluation and professional standards
  • operations services, including crime prevention, criminal investigation, traffic safety, pursuits, disaster planning and use of force
  • support services, including victim/witness assistance, high-risk incidents, people in custody, records, media relations and facilities and equipment

Download Alberta Provincial Policing Standards

Policing oversight standards

Police commissions and RCMP policing committees are the civilian groups that oversee policing in the province’s municipalities.

The Alberta government has standards for police commissions and RCMP policing committees. These standards deal with:

  • roles and responsibilities for the municipality, the oversight group and the public complaint director
  • training and development for each board member in the oversight group
  • organizational management, including policies and procedures, business plans, reports, fiscal management, records management and media relations

Download Policing Oversight Standards

Benchmarks and evaluation

Our ministry sets the benchmarks for effective policing. It does this by evaluating and modifying Alberta’s policing standards, in consultation with:

  • police services
  • police commissions
  • the public
  • representatives of urban and rural municipalities
  • other stakeholders

Our Standards and Evaluations Department offers advice and assistance to each police service and police commission to ensure they comply with Alberta's policing and policing oversight standards.

The department reviews each police service and police commission every four years.

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