Alternative dispute resolution

In 2011, the complaint and disciplinary process in Alberta’s Police Act was enhanced to include a requirement that alternative dispute resolution processes be offered in all appropriate situations, early in the police complaint process.

Alberta Police Complaint Mediator Roster (APCMR)

The APCMR gives the province’s policing stakeholders – public complaint directors, police services and police commissions – access to a roster of trained mediators who can help them resolve complaints involving the police.

The APCMR is a vital addition to the alternative dispute resolution process, helping to maintain impartiality and integrity. Making up the APCMR are independent mediators who:

  • hold the requisite insurance
  • adhere to code(s) of ethical conduct
  • are experienced and qualified
  • understand police service culture
  • are familiar with aspects of the police complaints process

Mediator roster

A police service, police commission or public complaint director may select a mediator from this independent roster of qualified mediators:

Alberta Police Complaint Mediator Roster

Note: Members of the public cannot access the mediator roster. Members of the public who’ve registered a police complaint and want to use mediation to resolve it, may contact the police service.

Mediator forms

These template forms are for mediators’ use only:

Complaint Resolution
Consent to Mediate
General Considerations for Contracting Roster Mediators
General Process for Engaging a Mediator
Mediation Confidentiality Agreement
Mediation Referral Registration
Mediation Services Invoice
Mediator Confidentiality
Mediator Outcome Follow-up Report 1
Mediator Outcome Follow-up Report 2
Travel Expense Invoice

Learn more

If you have any questions about the APCMR program, contact:

Provincial Public Complaint Director
Law Enforcement and Oversight Branch
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General