Police Officers Grant

In March 2008, the Premier led the initiative of adding 300 police officers over a three year period. 

Municipalities responsible for providing their own municipal policing (towns/cities/urban service areas over 5,000 in population) were eligible for this funding .

No applications were required and the program provides a grant to the municipality of up to $100,000 per position, per year. This funding is ongoing but is dependent on funding allocations each year.

Promoting strong and vibrant communities and reducing crime so that Albertans feel safe continues to be a key focus of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, and these 300 officers are an excellent resource helping the province deliver on that priority.

Police Officer Grant reporting due dates


  • Reporting Period - April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 - Report due by April 30, 2019


POG payments 2017-2019
Police Officer Allocation 2018-19 (alphabetical)
Police Officer Allocation 2018-19
Police Officer Grant Report