Law Enforcement Framework

Alberta’s new Law Enforcement Framework

Vision, Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions

Policing reflects the priorities of Albertans, is transparent and accountable in the delivery of services, and the entire spectrum of available policing and public security resources are properly and appropriately utilized.

Guiding principles

  • Public safety should be enhanced through better coordination among law enforcement organizations, with functions and activities organized to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Law enforcement resources should be effectively organized and deployed to maximize community-based approaches to local policing, while ensuring the ability of police to handle complex investigations.
  • Policing services should be delivered with minimal duplication, with functions placed with those personnel who are best suited in terms of training and authority.
  • It is the Government of Alberta’s role to set the direction, strategic framework, performance expectations and accountability mechanisms within which local law enforcement should be delivered.  It is also the Province’s role to set the pace for improvement and ensure law enforcement has the legislative powers and tools to fulfill their responsibilities in order to ensure law enforcement is adequate and effective.
  • The cost of policing services in Alberta should be shared in an equitable manner among Albertans and Alberta communities.

Strategic directions

  1. Capable, flexible and responsive operational policing will be the foundation of modern law enforcement in Alberta.
  2. The full continuum of law enforcement delivery will be utilized to provide flexibility in policing approaches throughout the province.
  3. Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) will be the mechanism to coordinate and enhance the delivery of integrated, specialized policing services on a province-wide basis.
  4. Law enforcement in Alberta will be intelligence-led.
  5. Law enforcement in Alberta will be guided and assessed using clear, strong standards and performance indicators.
  6. Alberta communities will be safer through a balance between traditional enforcement activities and community-led prevention initiatives aimed at reducing crime over the long term.
  7. All Alberta municipalities will have adequate, transparent and meaningful community input into local policing needs and priorities.
  8. The police public complaint process will be responsive and timely thereby enhancing oversight of Alberta police officers and police services.
  9. Develop a model to distribute the costs of local policing in an equitable, transparent and sustainable manner.

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