Public security

Our ministry has the overall responsibility for law enforcement in the province. This includes the following:

Some of our specific initiatives include:

Law Enforcement Framework: Alberta's new Law Enforcement Framework strengthens community policing, integration and police accountability while focusing on community flexibility to address local policing needs more effectively and efficiently.

Government MLA Review of the Private Investigator and Security Guards Legislation - Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security requested a review of the Private Investigators and Security Guards legislation. The report and recommendations have led to the new Security Services and Investigators Act.

Future of Policing in Alberta (Roundtable) - Alberta's Roundtable on the Future of Policing brought together police, police commissions and committees, academics, other law enforcement and security agencies, the community at large and orders of government. The purpose was a discussion of experiences, successes, challenges and concerns facing policing and law enforcement with a view to developing a vision for the future of policing in Alberta.

Alberta Roundtable on Violence In and Around Licensed Premises - brought together stakeholders, including: government, municipalities, police agencies, industry and municipal associations and liquor licensees to discuss the issue of liquor-related violence. This final report is based on the discussions and outcomes of the two roundtables.  The final report is located on the Alberta Gaming website.