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All Albertans can play a role in protecting our fish and wildlife resources for the generations to come.

Anyone with information that might help solve these cases is asked to call the 24-hour Report a Poacher line. This line is toll-free across North America.

  • Any information, photos, social media comments, etc. that might connect individuals to these crimes could be of assistance, regardless of how insignificant it might seem.
  • Information from social media such as Facebook or YouTube is becoming increasingly important to many investigations, and could provide assistance in these cases.
  • Callers providing information that leads to charges may qualify for a reward.
  • Callers can remain anonymous and still qualify for a reward.
  • Any personal information you give is kept strictly confidential.

For more about the type of information that can help in an investigation, visit the Report A Poacher web page.

Kakwa area, Grande Prairie – October 9, 2013

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On October 9th, 2013, Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers learned that a sow grizzly bear had been shot and left along an isolated industrial road in the Kakwa area southwest of Grande Prairie.

Additional Information:
The person(s) responsible for the death of this grizzly bear may have shot it while it was feeding along the road. Officers believe the sow was mothering two cubs, but at this time, their whereabouts are unknown.

Southwest of Grande Prairie – June 7, 2013

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On June 7th, 2013, Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers learned that a male grizzly bear had been shot and the carcass abandoned southwest of Grande Prairie.

Additional Information:
Officers believe the person(s) responsible for this crime took significant steps attempting to remove any evidence from the area.

Cypress County, Redcliff – November 30, 2013

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On November 30, 2013, a Fish and Wildlife Officer from the Medicine Hat District received a report of three carcasses dumped off Range Road 75 west of Redcliff.

Upon investigation, the officer found one white-tailed buck carcass and one mule deer buck carcass. Both had been gutted, and the heads had been caped and removed. The perpetrator may have wanted to get them mounted by a taxidermist. No meat had been removed from either deer carcass. The third headless carcass was that of a cow elk. It had been skinned, and some meat was taken.

Additional Information:
A blood-soaked white shirt was found near the carcasses.

Cypress County, Dunmore – November 23, 2013

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On November 24, 2013, a Fish and Wildlife Officer located a pile of deer carcasses just off of Josephburg Trail south of Dunmore. 

A total of seven deer and parts thereof had been dumped at this location; this included four mule deer bucks, one mule deer doe, one mule deer fawn and one white-tailed buck. The skull plates and antlers had been removed from the bucks along with some meat. The fawn had only been gutted. A Safeway shopping bag was also found with two deer hearts in it.

Additional Information:
Some garbage also found at the site included an Export ‘A’ cigarette package and a Tim Horton’s chili cup.

Highway 41 near Cold Lake Air Weapons Range – Dec 15, 2011
Bonnyville District Office – 780 826-3142

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Incident: Caribou Shot and Abandoned near Cold Lake Air Weapons Range -- On Thursday December 15, 2011, the Bonnyville Fish and Wildlife office received a report of a female woodland caribou found dead along Highway 41, north of La Corey, Alberta.

The Caribou was reported as having been shot twice with a rifle and found approximately 2 kilometres south of the gate into the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range on Highway 41. The shooting occurred between the night of December 7th and morning of December 12th, 2011. A small portion of the caribou meat was taken, however the majority was left to waste.

Woodland Caribou are identified as “threatened” in Alberta under the Wildlife Act. There are no seasons available for hunting of this species. Penalties under the Wildlife Act for hunting woodland caribou can result in fines of up to $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 2 years, or both.

Fairview Area - Aug 24, 2011
Fairview District Office - 780 835-2737

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Incident: Cow Moose Chased and Then Killed with a Vehicle -- On the morning of August 24, 2011, a dead cow moose was found in a field approximately 7 miles northwest of Fairview, Alberta.

Upon investigation, officers found that the moose had been chased throughout the field with a vehicle, struck by a vehicle and had died of its injuries. It appears that the incident happened some time late in the evening of August 23, 2011, or early in the morning of August 24, 2011.

A motive for killing the moose is not known. The animal was not gutted and nothing was salvaged from the animal.

Additional Information: There were tire tracks in the field and a piece of a broken light cover was left at the scene. The light cover appears to be the type used to protect round, off-roading lights on a 4x4 vehicle.

Purple Springs Area - May 8 and Jul 19, 2011
Lethbridge District Office - 403 381-5266

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Incident: Pelicans Shot -- On May 8, 2011 a report was received that two pelicans had been shot on a slough near a house approximately 3 miles north of Purple Springs, Alberta (east of Taber). A Fish and Wildlife officer examined the two pelicans and found that they had been killed with a small calibre, high-velocity rifle.

Then on July 19, 2011, another pelican was found dead nearby on the Purple Springs Grazing Lease. This third pelican was examined and had also been shot with a small calibre rifle. A motive for killing these birds is not known.