Community corrections

The Community Corrections and Release Program offers community based programs to adult and youth offenders through a network of 43 community corrections offices and two attendance centers located in 36 separate geographic locations in Alberta.  

Staff supervise adult offenders involved in community based programs such as probation and conditional sentence order supervision, temporary absence, pre-trial release, fine option and alternative measures. 

Community based programs are offered to young offenders who receive bail orders, probation, community service orders, or other community sentences are supervised by probation officers. 

Offenders under the supervision of the community corrections offices are offered the opportunity to participate on a referral basis in rehabilitative programs that promote positive and productive behaviours delivered by agencies other than community corrections.

Community Corrections Programs

Provincially funded agencies also offer programming for offenders convicted of various types of offences, including sexual offences and domestic/family violence.

Adult community corrections programs include:

  • Attendance centre program
  • Community work service program
  • Fine option program
  • Pre-trial release
  • Probation and conditional sentence supervision
  • Temporary absence program

Youth community corrections programs include:

  • Community service
  • Conditional and community supervision deferred custody and supervision
  • Extrajudicial sanctions program
  • Fine option
  • Intensive support and supervision
  • Probation
  • Reintegration leave

Rehabilitation programs

A variety of rehabilitative services are available. These include:

  • Mental health
  • Specialized treatment programs
  • Education programs
  • Life skills training

Attendance centres

Attendance centres, located in Edmonton and Calgary were introduced as a cost effective strategy for the community supervision of low risk adult and young offenders.


For adults, attendance centre programs provide intensive, structured, community based supervision to selected offenders considered appropriate to live in the community on temporary absence release. 

Offenders are required to report daily to an attendance centre for participation in rehabilitative programming or to report for work on the community service work crews.  Community sentenced offenders also report for direct supervision, programs and community service work.

Community service work crews are involved in numerous work projects for non-profit community groups.  Activities include: 

  • Snow shoveling and lawn cutting for seniors
  • Garbage pickup on local highways
  • Special community event set up and clean up
  • Painting for churches and community groups
  • Playground construction for community leagues


For youth, the program enhances supervision and support of young offenders currently serving community sentences and those making the transition from custody to the community.  These centres provide a variety of program functions including:

  • Administration of community service work
  • Fine option
  • Surveillance supervision
  • Educational and rehabilitative programs

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