Visiting inmates

Video: Video visitation makes more visits possible
Video visitation makes more visits possible 
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Centre 170 in west Edmonton
Centre 170 in west Edmonton

The Edmonton Remand Centre uses videoconferencing technology to connect inmates with their families and friends. This technology makes visits safer, and allows for more visits and longer visiting hours.

During a visit, a videoconferencing terminal is used by the:

  • inmate on their living unit in the Edmonton Remand Centre
  • inmate’s family and friends at one of the 60 visitation booths at Centre 170

Visitation Centre

Centre 170
10403 - 172 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta

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Free parking is available behind Centre 170 and on 172 Street.

Edmonton Transit bus stop 8684 is one block south of Centre 170 at 172 Street and 103 Avenue. Plan your trip with the ETS Trip Planner.

Visiting hours

Seven days a week:

9 am–11 am
1 pm–4 pm
6 pm–9 pm

With these hours, up to 1,200 visits a day are possible.

Visitation rules

Read the Video Visitation Rules before you plan a visit. Violating any of these rules may result in:
  • termination of your visit and / or
  • suspension of future visitation privileges

Before you visit for the first time

You must do a one-time registration by calling the Visitation Centre at:

780-638-5454 (Edmonton and area)
310-0000, then dial 780-368-5454 (toll-free access in Alberta)

When you call the Visitation Center, our staff will:

  • register you (and any children) and book your video visitation appointment
  • offer you directions to the Visitation Centre in west Edmonton
  • describe the video visitation process
  • explain the Visitation Centre's rules and policies

How to book a visit

There are three ways you can do this:

  • 780-638-5454 (Edmonton and area), 8:30 am-9 pm, 7 days a week
  • 310-0000, then dial 780-638-5454 (toll-free access in Alberta) 8:30 am-9 pm, 7 days a week
  • use the online booking system

Note: Visitation Centre staff must register you – over the phone – for the online booking system before you can use it to book a visit. Our staff are available to answer any of your questions about this system.