Programs and Services

Solicitor General and Public Security offers programs and services in three broad areas:  Correctional Services, Public Security and Victim Services.

Aboriginal Justice

Aboriginal Justice Initiatives  provide information on initiatives and programs currently underway in Alberta through partnerships between Solicitor General and Public Security, Alberta Justice, and Aboriginal communities, groups and organizations.  The unit works with Aboriginal communities and organizations in developing justice initiatives that promote safe communities and respect for the law. It also coordinates Aboriginal justice initiatives for both Solicitor General and Public Security and Alberta Justice.

Correctional Services

Correctional Services manages eight adult correctional centres.  One adult minimum security centre is run by an aboriginal organization.  A variety of programs are offered to offenders on remand and sentenced status and although programs vary from centre to centre, examples of programs for sentenced offenders include: life management skills, anger management, family violence prevention, addictions awareness, educational and employment programs, and aboriginal culture and spirituality programs.

There are two young offender centres located in Calgary and Edmonton.  These centres house young offenders who are remanded into custody or serving open or secure custody sentences. A number of privately operated group homes are also under contract to the Correctional Services division.  Although programming opportunities vary from centre to centre, examples of programming opportunities include: educational/day programs, life skills programs, addictions awareness programs, aboriginal culture and spirituality programs and medical and mental health services.

There are forty-one community corrections offices and two attendance centres in the province that supervise offenders on bail orders, community service orders, probation, or other community sentences requiring the supervision of a probation officer.  Offenders are offered the opportunity to participate in rehabilitative programs on a referral basis.  These programs are delivered by agencies other than community corrections.  Examples of programming opportunities include: specialized treatment programs, educational programs, mental health services and life skills training.

Public Security

Solicitor General and Public Security administers the Police Act, the Peace Officer Act,  the Security Services and Investigators Act, and the Victims of Crime Act. The Ministry is also responsible for the implementation of serious and violent crime strategy, the promotion of community-based crime prevention initiatives, police oversight and setting policing standards.

Public Security division looks after a range of law enforcement activities that include: administering the Provincial Police Service Agreement (a contract between Alberta and Canada, to provide the RCMP Provincial Police Service in Alberta); municipal policing, Alberta First Nation policing initiatives, and the Sheriffs program.  

Sheriffs provide security and strategic intelligence support; court, executive and facility protection services; fugitive apprehension; investigative services, prisoner management and transport services;  operations communications centre (SOCC); intergrated traffic units.

Victims Services

Victim services helps victims through all stages resulting from crime or tragedy.  Alberta uses a multiple program model, with government, police, and other community organizations delivering programs and services to victims of crime.

In addition to community support, funding is available from the Victims of Crime Fund.  A network of victim service units operates out of police facilities to follow-up initial police response and provide assistance to victims as their cases proceed through the criminal justice system.