New projects in Edmonton to improve community safety.

New projects announced in Edmonton to improve community safety.

Three Edmonton projects receiving funding through the Safe Communities Innovation Fund were announced May 31, 2010. The projects were initiated by community groups in the city, and they focus on improving community safety through direct involvement of neighbourhood residents.

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One of the projects builds on the restorative justice efforts already being made by Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security (SGPS). Project organizers credit the work done in this area and the lessons learned by SGPS as the reason they are able to launch this project in Edmonton 

Solicitor General and Public Security Minister
Frank Oberle at the funding announcement.

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel at the announcement

SGPS funds a number of restorative justice programs, and 12 grants were paid to groups across Alberta in 2010. Restorative justice practitioners view crime as harm done to people and communities, not just violation of the law.  They seek to put things right by addressing the harm to victims, the community and by addressing the causes of crime. 

The three projects funded by this announcement were:

  • An Integrated Approach to Schools as Community Hubs in Edmonton: $1.48 million to the City of Edmonton to help increase the accessibility of critical services by connecting parents and families in the geographic neighbourhood of the school hub during evening and weekend hours.
  • Restorative Justice Project: $680,000 to the Alberta Conflict Transformation Society and Edmonton Police Service Southeast Division to help address crime and community safety through restorative justice, which will allow youth to be accountable for their actions and supported in moving forward to contribute positively to their community.
  • Edmonton Urban Games: $100,000 to ihuman Youth Society to engage high risk youth in urban art and sporting events, while at the same time providing educations and employment opportunities.


Members of the ihuman Youth Society
perform at the grant announcement
event in Edmonton.