After you receive your offer of employment, you must complete an extensive training program to become a transport officer.

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Training Program is paid, challenging and comprehensive. It’s designed especially for you, the new recruit.

The program runs for 14 weeks at Lethbridge College in Alberta. It delivers a structured learning environment and is led by Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch and Lethbridge College instructors.

The program prepares you for the field and instills the confidence and professionalism you need to become an excellent transport officer.

Classroom and field experience

Our instructors guide your professional development – in the classroom and field – through these subjects:

  • transport law
  • officer safety
  • verbal judo (tactical communications)
  • computer applications
  • hours of service
  • technical report writing
  • human relations
  • transport legislation
  • dangerous goods
  • weights and dimensions
  • licensing
  • cargo securement
  • practical scenarios
  • physical training / PARE testing
  • drill

Note: During this training program, recruits are required to successfully complete the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) test twice.

Advanced training

After recruit training, you’re required to complete advanced courses in:

  • vehicle inspection – North American Standard Inspection (NASI) Level 1
  • emergency vehicle operations
  • air brake standards

On-the-job training

After you successfully complete the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Training Program, you're placed in field training for at least 3 months. During this time you’ll further enhance your skills and knowledge.