Job descriptions

Play a vital role in promoting safe and resilient communities no matter what type of sheriff you become.

Law Courts Sheriff / Legislature Sheriff

  • provide a safe and secure setting for all people in and around the province's courthouses (law courts sheriff)
  • deliver a safe and secure setting for all people in and around the Alberta Legislature Building (legislature staff)
  • manage, handle and transport inmates (law courts sheriff)
  • maintain a safe and secure setting at major public events

Job description

Note: When they're hired into this position, many recruits begin with an entry-level job description.

What's important to know

Experienced sheriffs can apply and compete for positions in other sections of the branch such as Traffic and the SCAN unit. As these positions are highly coveted, internal applicants are required to have specific experience and skills to be successful in applying for these positions.

Law Courts Sergeant

  • oversee their unit's participation in the inmate escort and court security program
  • supervise law courts sheriffs
  • oversee the inter-jurisdictional transfers of inmates
  • provide police support at major public events

Job description

Communications Officer

  • monitor local and off-site security surveillance equipment
  • advise response agencies and their personnel of emergencies
  • document sheriff locations and activities
  • maintain records and incident reports

Job description

Surveillance Sheriff

  • work in one of the ALERT units
  • assist other law enforcement agencies in surveillance activities
  • investigate people of interest
  • identify, document, collect and process physical evidence
  • investigate complaints with respect to the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act

Job description

Traffic Sheriff

  • enforce traffic safety
  • investigate collisions
  • do educational presentations
  • apprehend warrants

Job description

Traffic Sergeant

  • oversee their unit's participation in the traffic enforcement program
  • oversee their unit's participation in traffic safety initiatives
  • supervise traffic sheriffs
  • collaborate with stakeholders, clients and other enforcement agencies

Job description