Recruiting process

There's a five-step process to becoming a sheriff recruit.

What's important to know

  • the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) test is designed to evaluate your level of physical fitness to ensure you're able to perform the duties of a sheriff
  • you must provide proof of successful completion of either the PARE test or a sanctioned equivalent physical test – in 4 minutes 45 seconds or less in the last 3 months
  • medical consent is required from a physician before you will be permitted to participate in the PARE test
  • for your scheduled PARE test, you must bring – (1) Medical Consent form that’s fully filled out and signed by a physician; (2) Consent and Test Record form
  • if you live outside Alberta, we will accept a successful PARE test or a sanctioned equivalent physical test from the province you live in
  • the PARE test does not apply to communications officer positions

Note: If you need help with scheduling your PARE test, contact Sgt. Kelly Russell at

PARE test centres

PARE Medical Consent form

PARE Consent and Test Record form

1 Submit resume and documents

Visit the Government of Alberta jobs website and apply for a sheriff position.

Submit your resume and electronically scanned copies of these documents:

  • proof of a successful PARE test (for all non-communications officer positions)
  • original of valid Alberta Class 4 driver’s licence (Class 5 for communications officer positions) or out-of province equivalent
  • current driver's abstract
  • current standard first aid certificate (Level C)
  • current CPR certification (adult, child and infant)
  • current and clear criminal records check

After you submit your resume and related documents, we’ll review them to ensure you meet the sheriff job requirements.

2 Interview

We contact you for an interview that's no more than one hour. For the interview, you need to bring:

  • original copies of the documents you submitted with your resume
  • 3 supervisor references – current or previous employers

The interview panel is usually made up of a sergeant and human resources consultant. It may also include an additional sergeant, human resources consultant or inspector.

You must be willing to work in one of several locations. Be ready to discuss which locations you prefer.

Note: In-person interviews are required.

3 References and academic verification

  • we check all your references
  • we verify your academic credentials
  • we do any other required checks / verifications

4 Psychological test

You're required to take a pre-employment psychological assessment, arranged by and paid for by the ministry.

5 Offer of employment

We'll call you with a verbal offer of employment. If you accept it, we'll send you an offer letter that includes your employment details:

  • salary
  • job classification
  • work location
  • training class start date
  • benefit plan overview

In some cases, we may offer you a position as a pre-hire recruit. This position lets you do administrative work with us until the next training class starts – up to 10 weeks away.