Fish and wildlife officer

Fish and Wildlife Officer careers

Be part of a remarkable team.

Fish and wildlife officers help conserve and protect the province’s fish and wildlife by ensuring everyone understands and complies with the laws meant to safeguard Alberta’s natural resources.

Do you want to be part of a first-class team? Are you driven to protect wildlife? Then you might have what it takes to become a fish and wildlife officer.

What’s in it for you

Many people from across Canada and around the world choose to live and work in Alberta each year. Alberta's stable economy and innovative business spirit make it an ideal place to work.

As a fish and wildlife officer, you get:

  • to be on a very unique and highly professional law enforcement team
  • a pension, excellent benefits and job security
  • province-wide career opportunities
  • to protect fish and wildlife
  • a rewarding, challenging and dynamic work environment
  • paid training opportunities
  • promotion opportunities

Why I became a fish and wildlife officer

Fish and wildlife officers training