Correctional Service Worker

Correctional Service WorkerA Correctional Service Worker helps offenders return to the community better able to contribute to society in a positive way.  A Correctional Service Worker (CSW) is involved in three distinct work environments:

In the adult and young offender centres, CSW is involved in case planning, program and service referral, and offender work duty assignment.  In the community, Probation Officers are involved in supervision of offenders to ensure they comply with court orders and provide risk and needs assessments as part of sentencing recommendations from the Courts.

The designation of a correctional service worker can cover the following areas:

  • Youth worker - An opportunities to be involved in  day-to-day activities with young offenders, including recreation and life skills programming.
  • Case manager - A rewarding sense of public service in providing an environment for offenders that encourages rehabilitation.
  • Probation officer - A key role in offender rehabilitation and community safety.


Job Descriptions

Case Worker: (Classified as CSW I)

Note:  The job description for case worker is the same as the youth worker.

Case worker is responsible for providing casework services and coaching program clients who were inmates.

Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Conduct initial client intake/assessment prior to release from the correctional centre.
  • Develop comprehensive post-release case plan with clients based on assessed needs.
  • Provide individually-focused management of services for clients.
  • Develop, maintain and update client case management files through database system.
  • Provide referrals to clients for appropriate social service, medical and legal agencies, and maintains records of referrals.
  • Support and empower clients through counseling, advocacy, mentoring and coaching
  • Performs a variety of security and offender supervision functions designed to ensure the care, control, and custody of offenders.

Youth Worker: (Classified as CSW I)

  • Interview clients to obtain case history and background information.
  • Assess clients' relevant skill strengths and deficits.
  • Assist clients to sort out options and develop plans of action while providing necessary support and assistance.
  • Assist clients in locating and utilizing community resources including legal, medical and financial assistance, housing, employment, transportation, assistance with moves, day care and other referral services.
  • Prepare intake reports.

Minimum recruitment standards can be found here. 

Additional Recruitment Requirements

  • Must hold a valid driver's license
  • Current and clear security clearance, which includes a vulnerable sector check for some positions

Orientation Information

Youth Worker

New staff entering the Youth system receives a five-day orientation related to their workplace.  Security skills, behaviour management, and legislation are all introduced at this level.  They are exposed to the information in classroom sessions and are provided on the job training. 

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