Recruiting process

There’s a five-step process to becoming a correctional peace officer (CPO) recruit.

1 Resume review

Once you’ve submitted your resume and requested documents through the Government of Alberta Jobs website, we will review your education and work experience.

2 COPAT test and medical clearance

  • we contact you by email to complete this step of the recruiting process – to evaluate your level of physical fitness and ensure you’re able to perform CPO duties
  • a Medical Consent form – that’s fully filled-in and signed by a physician – is required before you’re permitted to participate in the Correctional Officer Physical Abilities Test (COPAT)
  • if you live outside Alberta, we accept the successful completion of the COPAT or PARE test from the province you currently live in
  • you’re responsible for successfully completing the COPAT or PARE test on your own

Medical Consent and COPAT form - 753 KB Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

COPAT Consent and Test Record Form - 1.05 KB Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

3 Interview

For the interview, you’re required to bring:

  • originals of all the requested additional documents you submitted at the application step
  • 3 references from work-related supervisors or managers – 1 from your current / most recent employer and 2 from your next most recent employers

Use academic references instead of work-related ones if:

  • you don’t have any work experience, or
  • your work experience is very limited

The interview panel is made up of a human resources consultant and a senior CPO.

Note: In-person interviews are required; however, exceptions may be made for applicants who live outside Alberta.

4 References and academic verification

We check your references and, if applicable, verify your academic credentials.

5 Offer of employment

  • after you’ve successfully completed all the previous steps, we will contact you with the results
  • before we make a final decision about your application, we may invite you to attend a short pre-employment orientation