Apply now

Find out how to apply to be a correctional peace officer (CPO).

To apply

  1. visit the Government of Alberta Jobs website
  2. in the Search Our Current Job Opportunities section, check off either – ‘not an employee of the Alberta government’ OR ‘an employee of the Alberta government’
  3. click the View Jobs button
  4. in the Basic Job Search box, type in the keyword ‘correctional’ and click the Search button
  5. from the Search Results list, find the CPO position you want to apply for and click its link

Government of Alberta Jobs

Additional documents

If you’re being further considered in the competition process, we will email you a request to provide these documents:

  • valid standard first aid
  • CPR Level-C certification
  • current driver's abstract
  • current criminal records check

If you live outside Alberta, you can obtain these documents from the province you live in. We only accept documents within six months of their issue date.

Note: You’re required to produce all your original documents at the interview step of the recruiting process. As well, you’re responsible for all the fees you incur to obtain them.

First aid and CPR-C certification

A CPO must have valid first aid and CPR certification. To learn how to get certified or recertified, visit First Aid Agencies.

Driver’s abstract

A CPO may have to operate a government vehicle to transport inmates throughout Alberta. For this reason, you’re required to provide a current driver’s abstract that includes the last five years of your driving history.

Obtain your driver’s abstract from a registry agent

Criminal records check

Any applicant who’s hired to work for our ministry is required to produce a current criminal records check before an offer of employment can be made. Criminal records checks can take several weeks to obtain.

Contact your local police agency for a criminal records check