About the Ministry

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General provides safe communities by:

  • ensuring effective policing throughout the province,
  • supporting community involvement in crime prevention, and
  • providing effective and efficient correctional services for adults and youth. 

The Ministry also supports victims of crime, and includes ministry support services. 

The following two divisions carry out the Ministry’s operations:

The Ministry also includes the Law Enforcement Review Board, the Victims of Crime Programs Committee, and the Criminal Injuries Review Board.

Ministry Vision: 
Albertans have safe and resilient communities in which to live, work and raise their families.

Ministry Mission:
To work in partnership with Albertans to promote safe, secure and resilient communities through effective law enforcement, correctional and victim services and ensure integrity and accountability.

Ministry Values:
The Ministry is committed to, and guided by the Government of Alberta’s values of respect, accountability, integrity, and excellence.