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The Ministry delivers services through its Justice branch and Solicitor General branch.


Budget 2015

More funding for legal aid, increased traffic fines and maintained numbers of police, provincial court judges, prosecutors and sheriffs part of Budget 2015.

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Budget 2015

Ministry Business Plan 2015-20 (PDF)

Ministry Budget Estimate 2015-16 (PDF)

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Officers keep you safe on Alberta's highways
Alberta Traffic Sheriffs and RCMP members patrol the roads in Integrated Traffic Units, risking their lives each day to keep you safe on the province's highways… [read more]

Growing use of illicit fentanyl causes concern
Alberta RCMP, Alberta Health Services and the
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner are
concerned about the use of the street drug,
fentanyl, in Alberta… [read more]

Fish and Wildlife Officers in-training
Each recruit must complete an intense 16-week training program at the Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy to become a fish and wildlife officer… [read more]
Financial benefits for victims of violence
Victims who’ve suffered physical or emotional
injury as a result of a violent crime may be
eligible for a one-time financial benefit…
[read more]