Victim Services

Victims of Crime Act

The Victims of Crime Act establishes:

  • The authority to collect a surcharge on provincial statute offences
  • Defined principles regarding the treatment of victims
  • Financial benefits for victims
  • A grants program with respect to programs that benefit victims of crime

Under the Act, surcharges collected on federal offences and provincial fines are deposited into the Victims of Crime Fund which supports two primary programs, the financial benefits program and a grants program.

As well as grants for police-affiliated programs, funding is also available for specialized programs that help prepare victims for court, assist victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child victims, or multi-cultural/Aboriginal groups.

Victims of Crime Protocol

The Victims of Crime Protocol: What victims can expect from the criminal justice system is a useful reference for victims of crime.

The Protocol outlines:

  • What a victim can expect throughout the criminal justice process, from the time a crime is reported, through the police investigation and court proceedings
  • If the accused is found guilty, what a victim can expect from provincial and federal Corrections and the National Parole Board
  • The Protocol also outlines what is expected of a victim while in contact with the criminal justice system




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