• What we offer
  • What we recruit to
  • Overview of recruitment process

Thank you for your interest in employment with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and the Government of Alberta.

Albertans have safe and secure communities in which to live, work and raise their families due in part to the women and men who choose to work for the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General.

People choosing a career in this field work in partnership to promote safe, secure communities through effective law enforcement, correctional and victim services. They ensure integrity, accountability and social responsibility in Alberta's gaming and liquor industries.

We have a vision to provide Leadership that Strengthens Alberta. We accomplish this vision through our values of: respect, accountability, integrity and excellence.

If you:

  • Consistently provide effective, timely service delivery of the highest standard while continuously encouraging innovation.
  • Are a high performer and excel at creating an atmosphere of creative thinking and learning.
  • Are truthful, open and ethical in carrying out your responsibilities.
  • Build and sustain quality relationships through openness, fair treatment and by recognizing individual and team contribution.

Then we want you to join the our team. Visit the Government of Alberta job listing, click on 'Customize Search' and check the Justice and Solicitor General box to view Justice and Solicitor General opportunities and apply today.

What We Offer

At Justice and Solicitor General, our employees are supported as they carry out their work by access to a comprehensive benefits package, and opportunities for learning and career development.

Competitive Benefits Package

Permanent and temporary salaried employees have access to a comprehensive benefits package which includes pension, health and dental plans, prescription coverage, disability and life insurance plans.

Employees also have:

Learning and Career Development

  • Continuous learning and career development are encouraged and supported to ensure our employees have the competencies and skills necessary to be effective in the workplace and to advance their careers.
  • Justice and Solicitor General supports the growth and development of employees by providing opportunities for skill development and career growth including on-the-job training, financial support for employment related courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Employee Orientation

  • We are committed to helping staff succeed, whether they are new employees or long-term employees exploring new opportunities.  Our comprehensive employee orientation programs help ensure this success and increase job satisfaction. 

What We Recruit To

How to become part of our team

You can apply online for most positions advertised - click on the link to the position of interest; then click on "Secure Application" at the bottom of the advertisement (or follow the instructions noted).

Listed below is general information about what we recruit to at Justice and Solicitor General.  The specific qualifications and experience requirements for a position can be found in the posting/advertisement. 

While technical skills are an important part of the selection decision we have an interest in ensuring that there is a fit between the employee and the organization.  We are looking for people who exemplify the values of Justice and Solicitor General in the way that they approach their work.  People who:

  • Are truthful, open and ethical in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Provide effective, timely service delivery of the highest standard while continuously pursuing innovation.
  • Are high performers, and contribute to an atmosphere of creative thinking and learning
  • Build and sustain relationships through openness, fair treatment and by recognizing individuals and team contributions.

The ministry also promotes qualified members within its own departments. 

Within a variety of branches, we recruit to a diverse range of areas:

Common occupations we recruit to (not an exhaustive list)

  • Administrative Support
  • Analyst
  • Business Services
  • Community Liaison
  • Correctional Peace Officer
  • Correctional Service Worker
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Policy and Planning
  • Research Officer
  • Security Consultant
  • Sheriff
  • Conservation Officers
  • Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers
  • Transport Officers


A competency is any attitude, skill behaviour, motive or other personal characteristic that is essential to perform a job, or more importantly, to differentiate superior performers from solid performers.  At Justice and Solicitor General we are looking for people who demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Adaptability – personal willingness and ability to effectively work in, and adapt to change.
  • Client Focus – understanding and meeting or exceeding client needs.  Clients are those groups or individuals, internal or external who use the organization’s products or services.
  • Communication – clearly conveying and receiving messages to meet the needs of all.  This may involve listening, interpreting, formulating and delivering:  verbal, non-verbal, written, and/or electronic messages.
  • Organizational Awareness – understands the structure and culture of the organization.
  • Problem solving and judgment – ability to assess options and implications, in order to identify a solution.
  • Results Orientation – knowing what results are important, focusing resources to achieve them in alignment with the goals of the organization.
  • Team work – working co-operatively and productively with others to achieve results.

Current Opportunities

If you are interested in pursuing a career with the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General click the Government of Alberta job listing, click on 'Advanced Search' and type Justice and Solicitor General in the keywords box to view opportunities

An Overview of the Recruitment Process

The advertisement for the competition will indicate the closing date for the competition. Then interview(s), reference checks, academic credential verification, and security clearance will take place. All candidates who are interviewed will be notified of their status once the recruitment process has been completed.


Applicants must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or eligible to work in Canada.

  • Open competitions are available to the general public and current public service employees.
  • Limited competitions are available to employees currently appointed to positions within the Alberta Public Service.

Foreign Academic Credentials

Alberta Employment and Immigration provide an assessment service that compares educational qualifications from countries other than Canada to provincial educational standards:

Summer Student Program

The ministry recruits summer students from universities, colleges or technical institutions to fill a variety of positions from May to August. Opportunities are also posted at post secondary institution career centres and on the Students and Graduates section on the Government of Alberta job board website.

Co-operative Education Program

The ministry partners with post-secondary institutions to provide meaningful employment experiences to students in co-operative education programs. Students earn salaries and course credits while developing workplace skills related to their career goals. Available co-op positions are advertised at various post-secondary institution career centres.

 Common Questions