Alberta First Responder Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) 

The province-wide AFRRCS radio system improves the safety of first responders – police, fire, ambulance – and all Albertans.

AFRRCS is a new two-way radio network for first responders in municipal, provincial and First Nations agencies across the province. The Alberta government is funding the network’s construction, operation and maintenance, and it became operational on July 1, 2016.

News release: New first responder radio system launching July 1 will better protect Albertans 

YouTube video: Alberta launches new system to connect first responders

For first responder agencies using AFRRCS there is an opportunity to:

  • fully coordinate joint responses to emergency scenes
  • greatly improve and integrate radio communication among first responders from different agencies
  • reduce the cost of radio system infrastructure
  • use robust, resilient radio technology in day-to-day operations

First responder agencies are encouraged to use AFRRCS, but their participation is voluntary.

AFRRCS is designed to replace two province-wide radio systems:

  • Province of Alberta Communication System (PACS) – used by the RCMP
  • Multi Departmental Mobile Radio System (MDMRS) – used by the Alberta government

AFRRCS Permitted Radio List

This regularly updated list contains all the P25-compliant radios that AFRRCS has successfully tested for:

  • delivering seamless operation
  • meeting first responders' basic communication and safety requirements

Only the radios on the list are allowed to be used on AFRRCS.

View the AFRRCS Permitted Radio List

AFRRCS Agency Handbook

The handbook is a one-stop shop for information on AFRRCS. It includes design and configuration, governance, policies and procedures, purchasing, and transformation materials.

View the AFRRCS Agency Handbook

Construction approach

Harris Canada Systems Inc. has been contracted to design and build AFRRCS radio sites across the province, on an area by area basis. The first towers were built in 2014, with the system being completed in 2016.

AFRRCS e-newsletter

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