What are financial benefits?
How do the guidelines Bail - Victims of Serious Domestic Violence Notification and Protection help victims?
What programs are available for victims or potential victims of family violence?
Where can I get help if I have been a victim of crime?
As a victim of crime, what resources are there to help me?
Who is eligible for financial benefits?
What if, as a victim, I'm not referred for help?
How can I avoid becoming a victim of crime?
What if Victim Service Units are not within the police service?
How do I apply for financial benefits?
What help can I expect from Victim Service Units?
What is a Victim Impact Statement?
Who may prepare a Victim Impact Statement?
Do I have to prepare a Victim Impact Statement?
Why should I prepare a Victim Impact Statement?
How do I prepare the Victim Impact Statement?
Can someone help me prepare my Victim Impact Statement?
Will the offender see my Victim Impact Statement?
Can I read my Victim Impact Statement in court?
How and when will my Victim Impact Statement be used?
How do I apply for restitution?
How will I know the status of my request for restitution?
What information is required on the Request for Restitution form?
Do I have to provide proof of my loss when requesting restitution?
Why must I submit the Request for Restitution Form to the police as quickly as possible?
Will I have to appear in court?
When can an offender be ordered to make restitution?
What if the offender is unable to pay a fine and repay me?
What restitution may be ordered by the court as a result of a crime?
If I'm not in court, how will I get a copy of the restitution order?
What steps do I take after the court has ordered restitution for me?
Will I have to pay a fee to file a restitution order in the Court of Queen's Bench?
What if restitution is ordered, but not paid?
If the Criminal Court does not or cannot grant restitution or I am unsatisfied with the amount of restitution granted, can I pursue the matter in Civil Court?
What is the process of approval for financial benefits?
How are financial benefits calculated?
How long does it take for financial benefits to be approved?
Is there a review process for financial benefits?
Where can I go to get more information on financial benefits?