Do victims have a role in the decisions made with respect to the early, conditional release of offenders?


In the provincial correctional system of Alberta, the temporary absence program deals with the early conditional release of sentenced offenders. The Temporary Absence Program does provide opportunity for victims to play a role in these decisions with respect to certain offenders.

Should offenders convicted of a sexual or violent offence ever get to a point in their sentences where they would be eligible for community privileges, no temporary absence would be authorized unless input had been sought from the victim. This input is given a significant weighting among the factors considered in assessing whether the temporary absence should be authorized.

When low risk offenders apply for temporary absence, a permit may be authorized only if a repayment schedule has been addressed as a condition of the release when restitution has been ordered by the court. This usually involves contacting the victims for their input into the particulars of the proposed repayment schedule.

Intermittent servers convicted of less serious assultive offences require victim input to have an application for early conditional release considered.



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