How can I find out if a family member is in a correctional facility?


Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP), the government cannot release information as to whether your family member is in a provincial correctional facility. It remains the responsibility of the person in custody to contact family members, if they choose. If you provide the family member's name to the Adult Centre Operations Branch,  we will advise your family member that you would like them to contact you. Information concerning young offenders is confidential under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIPP) and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and cannot be released to the general public. Legal guardians are notified upon the admission of all young offenders to a young offender facility. If you are a legal guardian, you may contact the young offender facility where you think your child may be in custody and leave your name and contact information. To contact a Corrections Canada facility located in Alberta, please call 780-472-6052, or check the Corrections Canada web site.



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